Alpaca tours

Duration: ca. 2-2,5 hours

We begin with an Introduction about Alpacas. After that, we start on an amazing tour with the fluffy companions. The tour will go along sunny ways and dreamy paths. At the end, there will be a little snack and a trip to the Alpaca mares and their foals.

The unforgettable experience – side by side with the very empathic animals – is an amazing experience for everybody. 

The price will be calculated per animal. You can either lead an animal by yourself all the time, or you can lead it with someone else. You can also sign up as an individual. However, we reserve the right, if less than four animals have been booked to either put all tours together, or to cancel it. Should a tour be canceled or postponed, you will get a call from us. 

Per tour, 6 animals can be booked, with a maximal number of 10 people. A greater number of people needs to be arranged. 

At the end of the Alpaca tour, there is the possibility to acquire various products made of Alpaca wool (e.g., knitting cotton, felt insole, pillow, soap, etc.) In case of interest, please bring cash. 

Please read the Info’s below and take them into account.

30€ per Animal / 
max. 2 P per A.
New Prices in May 24:
30€: 1 Person with Animal
8€: 1 Person without Animal 
(only in combination)

Alpaca Photo Shooting

Duration: ca. 1 hour, Sum total 1,5-2 hours
Attendees: 1 to max. 5 people (full group)

Whether it is directly on the Alpaca field, with the Alpaca foals, or a little walk with the stallions. You are at the center together with the Alpacas. You will come directly with an outfit and Style, in which you feel comfortable (Attention: shoes will likely become dirty) After a little introduction, and during that hour, there will be many portraits made with a professional camera. The best five Photos will be send to you via Link.

Don’t miss it, and be there for your personal memory!

For instance, you may also request a Bachelor Party with a greater group. That can also be supplemented through a workshop in which you do coiled plaits in a gardening center in the area. 

Standard Shooting: 149€
Individual offerings are also possible

Alpaca Meet&Greet

Duration: ca 1 - (1,5 hours)

You want to experience our Alpacas on the field very close, feed, pet or just simply relax with them? Once you have gained the trust of those amazing animals, you can have body contact, a wonderful time and ask all your questions about Alpacas. 

The offering is limited to 10 people. The less people, the more relaxed it is for the animals, and the better time you’ll have.

At the end, you’ll have the opportunity to have a little snack, and the possibility to experience our various Alpaca products. 

Social facilities and greater groups can visit us as well. Because those events are an additional effort, they need to be arranged prior, so that we can make an individual offering. 

50€ for up to 10 people
New Price in May:

Rules of behavior

The wellbeing of our animals is very important for us. If you are with our animals, there are four rules, which you need to keep in mind, so that the encounter becomes nice and relaxed.


Alpacas have a very good hearing. Because they are flight animals, they perceive loud noises as danger in the first place. That’s why it is important to get to them quietly. 


It is also important to get to them slowly. Because Alpacas are flight animals, please do always keep an arm length distance. A closer approach, depending on the animal needs tact and patience, but you will get the success that eventually, you will get to touch the cuddly Alpaca fleece.


Please don’t feed the animals in our absence! Because Alpacas are diabetics by nature, they cannot eat any food that contains sugar. They merely need water, gras, hay, and special Alpaca minerals or concentrate. If they are with us, they also like dandelion. (Other gras / flowers can possibly be poisonous. That’s why please don’t feed it.) 


On an open meadow, Alpacas keep their safety distance. However, with enough tact, they can also be petted here. Important: Do only pet the animals on their throat and front back. They don’t like to be petted on their head. If you pet them on their hind legs, there is always the danger that the animal is going to kick (It is not dangerous, but it can hurt and lead to bruises) So, if you are standing behind the animal, please keep a distance. 

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